Fantastic feature: How to take photos using your voice on new Samsung phones

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Last updated on December 30, 2023, At 02:37 AM ET

Posted on December 30, 2023, At 02:37 AM ET

Samsung phones have one of the most configurable user interfaces available for smartphones, known as One UI, which enables you to fully customize your Samsung phone with a variety of great options and features.

The ability to take photos without pressing the screen shutter button or volume buttons is another useful and unnoticed feature of Samsung phones' OneUI. Alternatively, you can use a palm swipe motion or voice instructions.

This means that if you have a Galaxy S22 Ultra or Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can set up your phone on a tripod or place it on a surface, adjust the frame, then take photos and create videos hands-free using voice commands or hand gestures. Moreover, you can use the S Pen as a shortcut to take photos.

In the next few lines, we will show you all the details about how to activate the use of voice commands:

Open the camera app on your Samsung phone.

Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner.

Choose “Shooting Methods” from the menu.

By clicking the toggle switch next to it, you can enable the voice control feature.

Once you enable voice control in the camera app settings, you can take photos by saying things like “Cheese,” “Smile,” or “Capture,” or record videos by saying “Record Video.” If you're using the front camera, a countdown timer will appear so you can compose the frame before taking photos.

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